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Standing Committee Descriptions

Holden Beach Chapel Committees

          Congregational Care – Beth Royal, Ministry Leader

 Hospitality (Peggy Schiavone)  The Hospitality Committee organizes the kitchen, keeps the kitchen clean, purchases supplies as needed to maintain adequate quantities of those supplies.  They organize and prepare receptions and luncheons when requested.  They schedule and oversee maintenance of the appliances in conjunction with the building committee.

New Member Committee (Gene Kesler).  This committee receives and processes all “New Membership Forms”.  They contact all new members, welcome them to the Chapel, and supply all new members with an information packet This team maintains and updates membership records on the computer. The New Member Committee meets the 3rd Wednesday every month. The committee consists of 6-7 members.   Members should be friendly, outgoing, and willing to interact with new members.  Each volunteer should be willing to assist with contacting new members.

Stewardship (Curt Bolden) .  The Stewardship Committee is responsible for educating members and attendees of the Holden Beach Chapel about the role of stewardship in the Christian life and facilitating stewardship opportunities.   Our goal is to make time, talent, and treasure giving an integral part of heartfelt worship.  We facilitate volunteer signups for committees, regular giving through envelope distribution, financial budgeting through a fall planned-giving campaign, ongoing giving opportunities such as brick donations, financial planning seminars, and personal recognition of gifts such as thank you notes when appropriate.

The Visitation Team (Betsy Pepe). Members of the Visitation Team visit those in the congregation who are shut-in, ill, or request a visit.  We can also offer lay-administered communion to any who request it.  New members of the Chapel might also enjoy a visit.  We will send cards to those who have moved away as well as those who are ill or shut-in.  We will also call those who’d rather have a call than a visit.   Ideally, the team is composed of 9-12 members so that groups of two or three may visit on a rotating basis.

         Communication/Administration.  John Fletcher, Ministry Leader

Historian.  Collect and preserve information and artifacts of the Holden Beach Chapel.

 Long Range Planning  (Curt Bolden).  Long Range Planning meets on the 4th Sunday of each month at 9:01 am in the conference room.    Long Range Planning addresses the future plans and needs of the Chapel.  This includes the Chapel’s mission, vision, financial and physical needs.  LRP then presents their recommendations to the Trustees. The planning is an ongoing process that continuously changes as needed.

 Newsletter (Judy Brock).  The Newsletter Committee currently publishes a Chapel newsletter quarterly.  Duties include photographer, reporter, editor, proofreader, layout and design, and publishing.  The newsletter is published using Pages software and put on the Chapel website.

Nominating  (Ron Skubic).   The Nominating Committee members serve two year terms. The committee uses the Time and Talent sheets to place Chapel members  on committees on which they will serve or chair. The Nominating Committee members strive to involve as many Chapel members as possible and to create diversity within each committee. Once committees are established, members need to be contacted to confirm his/her willingness to serve on or chair the committee before posting the committee list.

 Policies and Procedures. (Jack Lohman, Secretary)

Publicity/Marketing.  The committee will serve the Chapel as the main voice sharing information within the community about the Chapel’s mission, core values, needs and activities. Promotes and increases attendance at Chapel services and events; increases awareness of the Chapel through newspaper publicity, oversees graphic material in all areas of the ministry; oversees communications of both formal and social media and the communication schedule and relevance, develops and produces promotional and collateral materials; provide creative support (video, photography, etc.); create consistency in messaging throughout the ministries of the Chapel; supports all efforts related to the creation and development of the Chapel’s website; manages ongoing social media messaging and communication strategies; and helps develop news releases, media outreach, write and layout brochures and fliers.

Website (Donna Webb Aycock).  The Website Committee oversees the Chapel website, providing photos and content to the Webmaster in order to keep content current and accurate.

         Finance.  Ron Skubic, Ministry Leader

Finance (Ron Skubic).  The Finance Committee is comprised of ten people, four of whom are trustees.  Responsibilities include establishing and monitoring the operating and capital budgets, preparing financial reports, counting the offering, processing invoices and pursuing cost-saving opportunities.  The committee makes recommendations to the Trustees regarding financial planning, debt, procurement, and cash flow.  The committee’s regular meeting is on the second Tuesday of the month at 11.  Valued experience includes financial planning, accounting, procurement, and business management.

Building  (Alan Holden).  The Buildings Committee is responsible for all buildings inside and out including utilities, structural and appearance. Parking lots and driveways are included also.  Committee members need a working knowledge of building and maintenance of buildings and support systems including HVAC, lighting, town and state regulations regarding commercial facilities.  The committee meets only as needed.

Grounds. (Jane Edwards, Alan Holden, Co-Chairs)   The Grounds Committee is responsible for the upkeep of the outside area around the Chapel.  They will decide and oversee who does the mowing, pruning, fertilizing, weed control, and irrigation of the grounds.  Grounds Committee should consult on major changes to grounds, parking lots, drainage, outside lighting, etc. so as to protect the integrity and beauty of the landscape of the Chapel.


Parsonage Committee (Marlene Barz).  Each week the Holden Beach Chapel’s visiting pastor receives a one week stay in our parsonage in exchange for providing a Sunday service.  The 3 bedroom /2 bath home is fully furnished with linens, kitchenware and laundry facilities as well as cable and internet service.

The committee meets annually to establish a budget and make suggestions on improvements or repairs.  Every Monday a designated committee member checks on the facility to make sure it’s clean and ready for the next pastor/family, plus we leave fresh fruit or a welcoming snack.  We do not clean the house since there is a written list of duties the guests does before departing.  If any issues arise they can usually be settled via email.

         Outreach.  Maureen Wright, Ministry Chair                                              

Local Outreach  (Pat Schwaiger).  The Local Outreach Team is the connection between the Chapel and the community. Team members research and identify outreach programs in Brunswick County and nearby areas.  They designate support to organizations that benefit children, families, and those in need.  Members of the congregation are also asked to participate with them in hands-on projects to help our less fortunate neighbors.

National/International Outreach (Pete Schwaiger).  Members of this team research and identify national and international outreach projects for the Chapel to support.  Examples of projects would include support to groups after fires, floods, droughts and homeless due to political dislocation.  They recruit members of the congregation to participate with them in projects such as mission trips.

         Worship.  John Gray and Larry Reinhart, Ministry Leaders

Altar and Communion  (Diana Hadesty).  Members of this team are responsible for preparing the altar for communion services.  Communion is served the first Sunday of each month plus Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve.  Team members sign up for two communion services for the year.  Usually, they will work in pairs for the two services and set-up the Saturday before, when it is convenient for them. The committee Chair provides the bread and juice for communion. If anyone has not served in this way before, the Chair will work with them to set-up.  The chair orders flowers and maintains altar supplies.

Audio/Visual (Curt Bolden).  The mission of the Audio/ Video committee is to provide audio and video support for all Chapel regular and special services. In addition, support is provided for all weddings, funerals and community/ club meetings and special requests. The committee also maintains and repairs all audio and video equipment along with recommending changes and enhancements to the systems and assesses future needs  and requirements.

Church Welcoming – Greeters (Pat and Pete Schwaiger).  Two greeters are scheduled for the North and South entrances for every Sunday.  All is needed is a smile and/or hug for each person entering the Chapel.   Greeters are the first people someone meets when walking in the Chapel door, so this is a very important job! If you are interested in joining us, we would love to add you to our team.

Liturgist. (Larry Reinhart) A liturgist assists the Minister of the Week (as requested by the Minister of the Week) in leading worship.  This could include leading in printed responsive readings, reading scripture, announcing hymns. etc. The goal is more lay inclusion/participation in worship.

Ushers (John Fletcher 11:00am)(Phil Hammond 8:30am).  The ushers are responsible for greeting and handing out the bulletins to people entering the sanctuary.  Working in unison, they pass the offering plates through the pews, collecting the offerings during the service. Additionally they are responsible for picking up all bulletins left in the pews after the service has ended.  We currently have four teams comprised of eight volunteers on each team, and the teams rotate every three months. As an usher you would only perform the activity three months out of the year.  During the summer months when the church offers two services each Sunday, there is another team who performs the same service described above for the 8:30 service.  Ushers are responsible for insuring there is adequate seating for all attendees.  Sometimes additional chairs must be brought into the sanctuary to accommodate large audiences.  At the close of service ushers pass out candy treats for first time visitors.  The team captain is responsible for insuring the candles are lit during the prelude, and performing a head count of attendees for the church secretary.  Team captain is also responsible for ensuring the heat and air is functioning properly for the service.  Ushers should be able to handle any emergency, maintain order.

Adult Sunday School (Joe Moorefield, teacher)  Sunday morning, 9:45 a.m. in Fellowship Hall, preceding the 11 a.m. service.  Joe Moorefield is lead teacher, and volunteers assist and substitute, when necessary, are needed.  Curriculum is the International Sunday School lesson guideline, which provides scripture and application.  A short visitation time precedes the lesson. New members or “drop ins” are always welcomed.

         Children’s Sunday School  –  Is not offered at this time.

Children’s Church.  Sunday morning, 11 a.m., Sunday School Area.  Is not offered at this time. Lead children in Bible lesson.  All lessons are provided each week with a Teacher’s Guide available.  Each lesson provides a readiness activity (as introduction to lesson), Bible lesson with memory verse, follow-up activity relating the lesson to “real world” situations.  Children ages 7-13 participate in this class.  Volunteers should arrive at 10:45 a.m.

Nursery.  Sunday morning, 11 a.m.  Is not offered at this time. Nursery Members assist the aide in positive, nurturing interaction with children of various ages (infant – 6 years), playing, reading books, singing, and coloring.  The room is fully stocked with toys, stuffed animals, books, etc. to provide activities for all ages.  Volunteers are needed for 11 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. (Memorial Day – Labor Day) services.  Volunteers should arrive fifteen minutes prior to service.

        Chapel Council Ministries*  

Members of the Chapel Council will oversee committees within their ministries.  They will work with the chairs of the committees to submit a budget for the year and help administer the budget among the committees.  They will attend at least one meeting of each quarter and/or meet with each committee chair per quarter so they can report on the committees’ suggestions, comments or needs at the quarterly Trustee Board Meetings.

Chapel Council Members:

Communication/Administration                  John Fletcher

Congregational Care                                         Beth Royal

Facilities/Finance                                              Ron Skubic

Outreach                                                              Bill Hadesty

Worship/Music                                                   John Gray/Larry Reinhart

*For information only.  Not to be selected on Time and Talents sheet.   Members of the Chapel Council will be appointed by the Nominating Committee.

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