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City Church

Christ's Community by the Seashore


Back Row: Woody Tyner, Donna Aycock, Doug Cottrell, Dee Dee Creech, Bobby Brown, Marlene Barz. Front Row: Ashley Royal, Ron Skubic, Jan Kelley, Bill Hadesty. Not Pictured: Larry Ivey, Jack Lohman

The government of the Chapel is vested in a Board of Trustees composed of twelve persons who shall serve three year staggered terms. These twelve persons shall provide spiritual and fiduciary leadership for the Chapel.  The Board of Trustees of the Chapel is a self-perpetuating board.

The Nominations Committee shall prepare a list of nominees for each office and standing committee, which shall become vacant on September 1st. Each nominee must be contacted and indicate a willingness to serve if elected.  The list of nominees shall be posted and publicized seven days prior to the August meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Any Member of the Chapel may recommend any other Member of the Chapel for any office subject to election by the Trustees.  Recommendations for nomination must be provided to the Chair of the Nominating Committee in writing at least 21 days prior to the August Trustee Meeting with the signature of the nominee and assurance that the nominee is willing to serve if elected.

The Board of Trustees shall elect from the nominees submitted by the Nomination Committee, candidates to fill every office subject to election at the August meeting.

Church Bylaws,  Bylaw Amendment May 2015

Organizational Chart

Standing Committees Descriptions

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